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Corporate video production in Ecuador

Are you shooting a video or film production in Ecuador? Do you need local fixers or assistants who speak English? Contact Haiku. Not only do we know Ecuador, we are also perfectly fluent in English. We can provide production assistance, help you making calls, coordinating equipment, locations, finding crew, etc.

You can choose us as your production company in Ecuador or you can hire us as consultants / assistants and we can help you coordinate with other local production companies and rental houses.

Here is one example of a corporate video shot in Ecuador for a foreign client

This video was shot for a South African production company. They needed us to shoot some 4k video to create a video for their client ACI. ACI is a software company, and they wanted to film a success story regarding one of their customers in Ecuador, the BANRED company, which operates ATMs in Ecuador.

The whole video was shot in 4K, we made some timelapses, shot interviews and a lot of b-roll so that the production company could have enough options to edit their corporate video for their client.

The interviews were lit with Aputure lights, we used both shotgun and lapel mics for sound so we could have some redundancy. Although all the editing and post-production was done abroad, we provided transcripts and translations of the interviews

Haiku is a small production company operating in Ecuador. Our personnel trained abroad and has been working in Ecuador for several years. Do you want to see samples of our work? Our main website is in Spanish, but you can check out some of our own video productions. While we specialize in small and medium-sized productions in Ecuador, we can provide bilingual production assistance and producers for larger productions and projects.

Haiku is your best source of bilingual production assistance and local knowledge for your film production in Ecuador. Email us at info@haikuaudiovisual.com

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