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Film and video production assistance in Ecuador

Are you shooting a video or film production in Ecuador? Do you need local fixers or assistants who speak English? Contact Haiku. Not only do we know Ecuador, we are also perfectly fluent in English. We can provide production assistance, help you making calls, coordinating equipment, locations, finding crew, etc.

You can choose us as your production company in Ecuador or you can hire us as consultants / assistants and we can help you coordinate with other local production companies and rental houses.

Ecuador and film production

Ecuador film locations film production

Ecuador is a small country with widely varied climates and ecosystems. Do you want to shoot in a jungle? In the highlands? On the beach? In a desert location? In the Andean countryside? Everything is just a couple of hours away from Quito, the Capital. This is one of the reasons many crews come to shoot in Ecuador. That and obviously the Galapagos Islands. Most people do not speak English in Ecuador, and it is hard to find reliable film professionals if you don’t know the scene. That is where we can help. Do you need a professional interpreter to help with your interviews? We can provide that as well, through are sister company Ñ Translation Services.

Film and audiovisual equipment in Ecuador

productora de video Quito Ecuador


If you have a small production we can provide film and video equipment rental. We have a Lowel 1500 watt kit with accessories, as well as manfrotto tripods (503 and 501 heads), a Glidecam, a dolly, a Cobracrane, a Canon 5D mkIV, field monitor, sound recorder, lavalier and shotgun microphones, all in perfect condition since we rarely rent them out to locals. If you have a larger production we can help you coordinate with rental houses (many don’t speak English and we can get you a good deal).

Experienced filmmakers in Ecuador

videos institucionales Quito Ecuador


Haiku is a small production company operating in Ecuador. Our personnel trained abroad and has been working in Ecuador for several years. Do you want to see samples of our work? Our main website is in Spanish, but you can check out some of our own video productions here. While we specialize in small and medium-sized productions in Ecuador, we can provide bilingual production assistance and producers for larger productions and projects.

Haiku is your best source of bilingual production assistance and local knowledge for your film production in Ecuador. Email us at info@haikuaudiovisual.com

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