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Your bilingual videographer / cinematographer in Ecuador

Are you shooting a video or film production in Ecuador? Do you need local Directors of Photography, producers or sound people who speak English? Do you need a photographer with state-of-the-art equipment in Ecuador

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I might be able to help you. My name is Jaime Villacis (pronounced hi-meh) and I studied Media Arts in New Jersey. I’ve been working in media production –mostly freelancing– since I graduated in 2004. I live in Quito, the capital of Ecuador.

This is my production company’s website: Haiku. My website is in Spanish and I have not yet made a full English version, so here you have a brief summary.

Here in Haiku not only do we know Ecuador, we are also perfectly fluent in English. We can provide production assistance, help you making calls, coordinating equipment, locations, finding crew, etc.

It’s not all about the bottom line. If we don’t think we are a good fit for your needs, we’ll recommend other service providers in Ecuador.

Here is our reel:

Do you want to see more samples of our work? Our website is in Spanish, but you can check out some of our video work here. While we specialize in small and medium-sized productions in Ecuador, we can provide bilingual production assistance and producers for larger productions and projects.

We have great in-house equipment in perfect condition, including:

  • Canon 5D Mark IV and Sony A7 III
  • Aputure 120d and Tri8 LED lights
  • DJI Ronin S
  • DJI Mavic 2 Pro
  • ZOOM H6 recorder
  • Cobracrane PhotoCrane Xtreme

And, if needed, we of course have access to local rental houses.

Haiku is your best source of bilingual production assistance and local knowledge for your film production in Ecuador. Email us at info@haikuaudiovisual.com

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